Sunday, July 12, 2009


I took all these for this week on the same day as we were riding horses

I dont know if this next one really counts as texture, but it was pretty cool so i added it anyway, you can see me and my daughter, and the fence in the reflection of her eye.

If you would like to see some great photos others have posted for this weekly challenge click HERE to go directly to the comment section of the post and click on their name or the link they provide. Of you can go HERE to read each challenge!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Challenge - Wildflowers

My favorite Picture I took this week!!! I tried something new, the sky was just too beautiful to not use it as a backdrop! As usual I went crazy, I take so many because it is a challenge and I like to see how many good pictures I can take.... So here they go, not too many this time...but a few, so if you get bored looking at flowers I wont be offended! :-)

I dont know what this next one is but its definitely strange and beautiful all the same, thinking I may put some of these in my flower beds next year!

Now this next one is my favorite flower, its my favorite color, periwinkle, and I just love the fields covered in blue in mornings.
Another favorite, Norms least favorite, a farmers enemy...the dreaded thistle! In various stages of blooming...

hmmm a flower? Kinda I guess
This little flower is white but I liked the black and white better than the original
Thats it, I had more, but I didn't want to totally overload you on wildflowers!

Monday, June 29, 2009

BLUSHING! A post about me on another bloggers blog!

I was soooooo pleased today when I read another photographers blog and I was blogged about! How cool is that!? Thanks so much Paul!!!!! I'm so honored that you like my pictures! Yours are so awesome and I am always afraid that I cannot compare to others photographs...I try to be "different" and go out on a limb sometimes....sometimes it works, and some times it doesnt. but I've learned thats part of it, and I think the challenge of that is what I like so much.

So thanks Paul BIG TIME for your appreciation and for blogging about me! I really am honored!
You can read his blog HERE and see his wonderful photos as well! He is a part of the SUNDAY STILLS CHALLENGE I do each week, there are so many talented photographers that are participating, so if you like to take pictures come join us least take a look at some lovely pictures!
if you would like to see more photographs I have taken you can view my other blog here!
Many thanks again Paul!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grain Silos and Water Tower Challenge

This weeks challenge is Water Towers and Grain Silos....water towers...wish I had my camera available while I was driving to Lexington Ky earlier this week, the water tower there just into town has a beautiful scene of racing horses painted around...awesome, but I cant take pics when I'm driving in bad traffic! Oh here is what I have from around here. Back in the Fall we had some AWESOME RED and ORANGE sunsets...totally awesome, the kind that catch your breath. None of the pictures are altered in any way (except for the one I changed to black and white)..YES it was that bright and that red! I hope to see many more like that! the very last photo was taken this past week....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Black and White

This weeks challenge is my second favorite to do (my first favorite is macro!) I LOVE the way you can turn such an ordinary picture into black and white - making that photo a really awesome photograph! Can wait to see what everyone has posted! Happy Mothers Day!