Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stills Challenge - RED

This sunset was taken last summer and it was totally awesome..bright deep red! I wish I had gotten more but after 4 pics it was gone!
This is Bella One of the flowers growing by the lake we share with a neighbor.
Buck and Bella.And this fine gentleman is a dandy!
I have to apologize for this weeks challenge, I went into the archives. Kids spring break, and much going on kept me from the camera! Sorry but hope you enjoy what I've got!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Stills - Animals of Husbandry...OH GOODY!

***Guys - really my internet (for a lack of a better word) Sucks. I have dial up and I get a lousy connection and comments are the hardest for me to leave. So if you dont hear from me I'm so sorry...I have loved everyones pics this week...I have to say this is probably my favorite challenge so far..seeing all the farm animals, sheep, goats, chickens, horses and cows, etc...always bring a smile to my face. I think everyone did a great job and had some fun and wonderful pictures! I'm supposed to be getting DSL in the next few weeks (they started last week laying the cable..hopefully comment and downloading problems solved)
Okay on to this weeks post!****
I must apologize.....I've got TONS of pictures for this challenge from this week and the past..I only posted some from the past for fun, some just too cute not too! Enjoy! This is one of my bottle fed calves Giant and my wanna be cow dog - Levi playing.

No animals were harmed in the making of this post! The calf actually loves Levi and they play all the time! Next is one of my favorite cows...Amy...
Below is my very first bottle fed calf - Oliver (he was an orphaned twin RIP)Amy again...she isn't camera shy at all!
In fact...Amy is a camera hog!
This is Molly our Percheron Mare who HATES to have her hooves trimmed...we have to use a twitch on her in order to get them this doesn't harm the animals at all, it actually releases endorphins that calm them.

The above are a few of 2008 calves.
My two first bottle fed calves Anni and Oliver....just getting inoculated and ummm..Oliver got stripped of his manhood...he is now a steere. Here is his before of my all time favorite!

Next are Buck and Bella two of our gaited horses and they are IN LOVE!
Buck is a two current bottle fed calves, Torro and Giant...and Pepper...yes..she thinks she is a kidding..
Momma and of the new spring babies!
My two boys "horsing around".

The Love Birds..Buck and Bella...kissy kissy smoochy smoochy!

Jack learning ground manners and the beginning of lounging

Some of the ladies we are blessed to live with! I hope you enjoyed them! I enjoyed taking them!!!!! now to read every ones..lets hope comments work for me tonight! I'm also using this post for a new meme critters!! New group and I'm excited about this one too since I love taking pics of my critters!