Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blog Award!

KIM has bestowed upon my blog an award!
Its the Fabulous Blog Award!
You must name 5 of your addictions:
Here are some of my favorite addictions:

1. My camera

2. Cookie Dough

3. American Idol

4. Smoking *not really a favorite, actually hate it

5. ALL wildlife

I'm supposed to give this award to 5 Fabulous Blogs.....hmm thats a hard one.
There are so many blogs that I think deserve this award!
So If your reading this post...then the award goes to YOU!
ALL OF YOU are fabulous...Kim its yours again!
Now you must choose 5 people, give 5 addictions on your blogs, and post this award proudly- you deserve it!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sundays Still's Challenge

This weeks stills challenge was awesome!
There were so many great macro shots by EVERYONE! And I'm not the only new one on the block!
This weeks challenge is COLOR!!!
And during these nasty winter months color is what we ALL need!
You can click the title to this post to be directed to the Sunday Stills Challenge main page or you can click HERE to view the MACRO challenge photos!
Guys just keep in mind that with my dial up I loose connection a lot and I cant hardly leave comments on anyones blogs.....but just know I'm looking at EVERYONES and loving them as I go! I'll add a following to your blogs here it may make it easier for me to view and leave comments.
I'm supposed to be getting dial up finally out here in our neck of country woods by the end of next month...so hopefully all my problems will be resolved and you'll get to hear from me a lot more!
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!!!!!!
Great Photos! Cant wait till next week- COLOR!!!