Saturday, July 4, 2009

Challenge - Wildflowers

My favorite Picture I took this week!!! I tried something new, the sky was just too beautiful to not use it as a backdrop! As usual I went crazy, I take so many because it is a challenge and I like to see how many good pictures I can take.... So here they go, not too many this time...but a few, so if you get bored looking at flowers I wont be offended! :-)

I dont know what this next one is but its definitely strange and beautiful all the same, thinking I may put some of these in my flower beds next year!

Now this next one is my favorite flower, its my favorite color, periwinkle, and I just love the fields covered in blue in mornings.
Another favorite, Norms least favorite, a farmers enemy...the dreaded thistle! In various stages of blooming...

hmmm a flower? Kinda I guess
This little flower is white but I liked the black and white better than the original
Thats it, I had more, but I didn't want to totally overload you on wildflowers!

Monday, June 29, 2009

BLUSHING! A post about me on another bloggers blog!

I was soooooo pleased today when I read another photographers blog and I was blogged about! How cool is that!? Thanks so much Paul!!!!! I'm so honored that you like my pictures! Yours are so awesome and I am always afraid that I cannot compare to others photographs...I try to be "different" and go out on a limb sometimes....sometimes it works, and some times it doesnt. but I've learned thats part of it, and I think the challenge of that is what I like so much.

So thanks Paul BIG TIME for your appreciation and for blogging about me! I really am honored!
You can read his blog HERE and see his wonderful photos as well! He is a part of the SUNDAY STILLS CHALLENGE I do each week, there are so many talented photographers that are participating, so if you like to take pictures come join us least take a look at some lovely pictures!
if you would like to see more photographs I have taken you can view my other blog here!
Many thanks again Paul!