Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Country Side

Guess who...Yours Truly taking picture of self taking picture...just for the heck of it, can you see how BIG and OLD my camera is....but it takes some awesome pictures....sure would love a new one though that had a zoom lens...patience is a virtue my momma always said.
Trip through the countryside, taken out of the truck window on the way to the stockyards, actually a pretty drive!

Above and below picture are two Amish homes

Below is a very old building, it has two store fronts, one on the road side and the other facing the train tracks, maybe a hotel, or general store? Not sure

Another Amish Home, We have a large Amish community in our area

On the way....pretty tree lined road

This is, believe it or not, a house, made from a grain bin....very cool I think!

Yes, its completely round!

I love barns can you tell?

One of the few trees with the pretty fall colors we are used to seeing! Most trees are just brown and almost bare like the ones in the background of this photo. But every now and then, close to water sources or areas that got some more rain than we did, the beauty of fall is still there!


Anonymous said...

This is beautifully - Nicely photos congratulations!

Kyfarmlife said...

Thanks Steven! I wish we had gotten more rain fall over the summer, then my fall pictures would be out of this world! But oh well.....what can you do? Cannot control Mother Nature can we?

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Heck every time you put up photos of where you are I wnat to jump on the plane and get over!!!! Gee another thing we have in common we love old barns. I like the Armish houses probably haven't spelt them right. And they build beautiful traditional barns to go!!! No these just make me want to get over more and more. You've got me I'm hooked!!!LOL