Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I'm a couple days late in posting my barns...just wasnt able to get on the computer...Some of mine are done in sepia with a gritty texture, or black or white matte, or drop shadow I added since I'm putting them on my photography journal so they arent in their "naked" form... These first several pictures are of the old barn on part of our farm we call "Poodles"...Yeah funny name I know...named after the gentleman who lived here for years that we bought the property from. His name is actually Clarence but somewhere over the years he picked up the nickname of "Poodle"...and somewhere over the years its forgotten just how he came across it. He and his wife lived here until she passed away last year, and he moved shortly after into a nursing home. Norm bought the property several years ago with rights for them to live here until they passed away. His wife actually was born and raised on that part of the property.
Lets take a peek inside...

Some hungry cows knowing the grass IS greener on the other side of the fence! How do they know? Because we rotate the pastures and they were getting let into one of them last Tuesday when I took this picture! Cant you just feel the joy?!
This next barn has seen better days 'eh? I dont know how old it is, but they did used to use it back when Norms grandpa farmed. The inside picture shows the stall doors....Sad to see any barn as a skeleton...The last two were taken Saturday as a severe storm warning had just expired and the bright sun had JUST began to go behind the clouds....this is our neighbors barns in the distance as we were coming home from a dinner run after checking out the farm, seeing just how much water was draining and making sure the cattle were A-ok! We did have a double rainbow right before the sun went down..but I'll save those pics for another post! Sorry I'm late!
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Catching up from an 8 month hiatis...

Hands - Sunday stills
I may have been gone from blogging for 8 months BUT my camera has never been far away! Here are some pics taken over the last few months:

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I took all these for this week on the same day as we were riding horses

I dont know if this next one really counts as texture, but it was pretty cool so i added it anyway, you can see me and my daughter, and the fence in the reflection of her eye.

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